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National Show

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  • 2016 NALRC National Show Rules

    Hosted by Pacific Northwest Lionhead Rabbit Club

    Please read all rules carefully.  There are many items that are different than years’ past.  This show allows noncooped sale animals in the building at no charge.  It is important to READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY so you are in the “know.”

    1)  Showroom is open to receive animals on Friday, April 8, 2016 between noon and 8p.m.  West Coast Classic personnel has asked that we try to have all animals for the National Show in place by 6:00p.m.  Showroom closes for the evening promptly at 8:00p.m on Friday evening.  If you run into an issue, please contact Cheryl.  360-531-0679.

    2)  Showroom opens at 7a.m. Saturday morning.  The show begins at 8:30a.m.

    3)  All animals entered in the National Show must be cooped.

    4)  There is a dock for loading and unloading.

    5)  Sale animals and animals not entered in the National Show will be kept in your carriers just like we would do for a regular local show.  Sale animals MAY be entered in the show if you’d like them cooped for the weekend.

    6)  Animals for sale are allowed in the building at no entry fee as long as they are not crossing either the National Show tables or any of the West Coast Classic show tables.

    7)  Only Lionheads entered in the NALRC National Specialty Show will be provided coops.  Each exhibitor is responsible for a riser for each animal cooped.  All other rabbits will be held in your own carriers.  Shavings are provided for all cooped animals.

    8)  Carrier set up is at your own discretion.  You may bring saw horses or tables to put carriers on.  You may bring signs and a personal chair.

    9)  Eligible PNWLRC entries:
        a. Tort and REW will be eligible to compete for Best of Breed, Best Opposite of Breed, Best of Variety, Best Opposite of Variety, Best Variety Display, Best Overall Display, either Best White Fur or Best Colored Fur & PrideLands Pick.
        b. There will be an Open Show and a Youth Show for Tort & REW.
        c. Statler Memorial Breeder Challenge is open to Tort, REW and all COD varieties only.
        d. ALL Other Varieties will compete for the Best of the Rest, Best of Variety, Best Opposite of Variety, Best Variety Display, and PrideLands Pick Contest.  This means ALL varieties, not just COD varieties.  PNWLRC is accepting all varieties for the Exhibition Show this year.
        e. There will be ONE Exhibition show. Open and Youth will show together for all varieties other than Tort and REW.

    10)  No Smoking allowed inside the Convention Hall.

    11)  This show is governed by the latest ARBA rules where applicable.  All other rules shall be set by the PNWLRC and the WCC.  Any questions will be handled by the PNWLRC Show Committee.

    12)  All Lionheads entered in the National Show may be checked in and cooped from noon to 6 pm on Friday, April 8, 2016.  No cooping for the National Show on Saturday.

    13)  Coop numbers MUST be marked in each rabbit’s right ear with a permanent marker for those animals entered in the National Show.

    14)  Ear number changes for the same sex and same variety will be allowed at the time of check in for fee of $ 1.00 per change.  All changes must be acknowledged and approved by the show secretary by no later than 8 pm. Friday, April 8, 2016.

    15)  All Entries are final at 8 pm Friday, April 8, 2016.


    17)  All Lionheads MUST be permanently tattooed in the left ear.  Failure to have a tattoo or an illegible tattoo will result in a disqualification from the show per ARBA rules.

    18)  The top ten (5) Lionheads in each class will be weighed.

    19)  Remark cards will be used.  The club will not mail or ship awards, ribbons or remark cards.  Exit packets with remark cards and ribbons will be ready for pick up after the show on Saturday as soon as the secretary can input all data.  Picking up these packets is each exhibitor’s responsibility.

    20)  Report any sick rabbit to the Show Superintendent.  All sick rabbits MUST be removed from the building.

    21)  No rabbit breeding in the showroom unless both owners are present and the Show Superintendent has been notified.

    22)  The PNWLRC reserves the right to substitute or add judges.

    23)  The PNWLRC is not responsible for accidents, fire or theft.

    24)  ATTENTION: All cage locks MUST BE REMOVED during judging.  Show staff or runners will NOT re-move zip ties.  Cage doors must be ready to open.  It is the responsibility of each owner to keep track of classes and make sure locks and zip ties are off.

    25)  NALRC show personnel will not be responsible for Lionheads not in their assigned coop at the time a class begins.  Any animals missing from their coops will be scratched from the show.  This includes rabbits eligible for BOV and BOB classes.

    26)  The NALRC will provide runners for the open and the youth show.  These will be the only people allowed to take rabbits to the table for judging.

    Top 5 things to Remember from this list.
    #1 All varieties are accepted at this show.
    #2. There is ONE Exhibition show. Open and Youth will show together.
    #3. All exhibitors must bring their own risers for their National show entries.
    #4. Exhibitors may bring sale animals and not pay an entry fee. All animals not entered in the National Show will stay in your carriers.
    #5. All animals must be in the building, cooped or set up by Friday, April 8th at 7:45p.m.  Building is locked at 8p.m.


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