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  • A message from Theresa Mueller, regarding Lionhead Presentation:

    Dear NALRC Members,
    I wanted to let the membership know that I got a letter today from the ARBA Standards Committee letting me know that Lionhead presentation rights have been passed to me.  I am now eligible to present my 4 varieties (Black, Blue, REW, & Tort-Black) in 2010 in MN.  I am so honored to be given the opportunity to present and hope to be able to gain recognized status for the breed.  This has not been an easy journey for those who have gone before me and I have the utmost respect for all they gave to this breed in their attempts.  I hope everyone will show them the thanks and respect they deserve for the hard work they gave to this breed.  The challenge of presenting a new breed is a daunting one, but it's a challenge I'm looking forward to devoting myself to over the next several years. 
    I have been in touch with Cheryl Eng-Link today and will be working closely with the Standards Committee to update my standard over the next several weeks.  I will get that out to everyone once it is finalized.  I please ask that you have patience while I work through the details with the committee.  
    I look forward to the endeavor ahead and thank you all for all the support you have offered to me.
    Looking forward to an exciting year and hope many of you will be able to join us in Minnesota in November!
    ~Theresa  12-02-2009
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