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    NALRC will accept bids for clubs to host their National Show beginning with the 2016 show year. Bids are to be submitted to the NALRC Secretary prior to October 1 and at least one and half years preceding the show date, using the guidelines as set forth below. Bids should be submitted using the official NALRC Nationals Bid form found HERE.

    Guidelines Governing the Bidding and Awarding of the NALRC National Show (PRINTABLE VERSION)


    1. The host club must be either a NALRC Affiliated Lionhead Specialty Club or an ARBA Chartered All-Breed Club with at least six NALRC members. All other things being equal, preference will be given to a bid from an NALRC Affiliated Lionhead Specialty Club.

    2. The host club should provide the necessary officials to properly run the show, including a show superintendent, a show secretary, experienced writers for the judging tables and sufficient runners to keep the rabbits moving to and from the judging tables without delay.

    3. It is required that a Youth Lionhead show also be held.

    4. It is required that a Joanne Statler Memorial class be held. Host club will be responsible for obtaining the existing traveling plaque from the prior year's winner to be presented to the new class winner. NALRC will cover the cost of shipping the Statler Award if the prior year's winner will not be attending.

    5. NALRC will furnish its sanction free of charge. The host club shall be responsible for obtaining and paying for the ARBA Sanctions for the National Show.


    1. There must be a building large enough to hold the show without being congested. There must be plenty of room for the coops, for the judging tables and for the exhibitors. There must be ample holding coops for each class.

    2. The show building should have adequate lighting and ventilation. There should be plenty of light in the judging areas. Fans and the necessary electrical outlets for them should be available if needed in case of hot weather.

    3. The show building should be located in an area where there is easy access for unloading and loading of rabbits. There should be plenty of parking spaces near the building.

    4. Bathroom facilities with running water must be available, either in the building or nearby, preferably within 50 to 100 feet of the building.

    5. There must be food available for purchase by the exhibitors, either provided by the host club or available nearby.


    1. The name and address of the nearest airport should be listed in the show catalog.

    2. There should be a list in the show catalog of hotels and motels near the show site, including the headquarters lodging, if there is one.


    1. All judges hired for the show should be experienced judges that have a good knowledge of the Lionhead Standard and are known to judge Lionheads according to that Standard.

    2. The hosting club should hire enough judges to ensure that the judging will be finished early enough to allow people to get ready for the banquet Saturday evening.

    3. Any judge that judged Lionheads at the last or will judge at the next ARBA Convention or at the last two (2) Lionhead National Shows will not be eligible for consideration as a judge in a National Bid.

    4. The host club is to furnish a list of proposed judges for both open and youth to the NALRC with their bid.


    1. The NALRC National Show is not required to be a Cooped Show, however, should more than one bid be received, a strong preference will be given to the show offering cooping.
    2. If it is a cooped show, there must be enough coops available for all of the rabbits entered. Host club to provide a detailed description of the cooping and facilities to house the entries.

    3. There should be adequate aisle space between rows to permit carriers to pass each other without crowding. If the coops are stacked, they must be set up so that urine and shavings will not fall into the lower coops. All the coops should be at a proper height and have large enough doors to allow safe and easy removal of a Lionhead.

    4. The host club must provide a source of water for all the rabbits. If there is feed made available for the rabbits at the show, the show catalog should list the brand of feed, if any.


    1. It is suggested that the show be held between March 1 and May 15. It is to be held on a Saturday and is to be a one day show. Any other Lionhead show held on the same day shall not conflict with the National show.

    2. The host club may sanction an All Breed and/or Specialty Show to be held on the same day and location as the National Show. No other Lionhead sanctions will be issued for any other all-breed shows held within a 500 mile radius of the National Show. No Lionhead specialty sanctions will be issued for the same day as the National show.

    3. There can be another Lionhead specialty show or shows, or an all-breed show the next day. This could help attract a larger entry of Lionheads to help defray some of the host club's expenses.

    4. If there is an all-breed show the next day, arrangements should be made with the sponsoring club to have the Lionheads judged early in the day. This is to enable Lionhead exhibitors who have traveled long distances to get an early start for home.

    5. A Lionhead exhibitor is not required to stay for a Sunday show.


    1. There must be a banquet on Saturday night after the show.

    2. The banquet should provide a nice meal and an opportunity for the members to get together and socialize.

    3. Host club may hold a raffle and/or auction at the banquet to offset National Show expenses.

    4. All profits (or losses) from the banquet raffle/auction will belong to the host club.


    1. All expenses for the show, including awards, paybacks, judges' fees, show facilities, show catalog and advertising are the responsibility of the host club. The host club may hold fundraisers prior to/or at the National Show to help defray the expenses of hosting the National Show.
    2. The NALRC will provide an award stipend in the amount of $1350 to the host club for the purchase of National Show awards. The host club may utilize these funds for awards only and must supply the NALRC Treasurer with a receipt that shows the use of all funds within 30 days following the National Show. If the host club does not comply with this rule, they must return the funds to the NALRC to be used for the next National Show. Any unspent amount must be forwarded to the NALRC within 30 days following the National Show.
    3. It is required that awards be provided by the host club for Best of Breed, Best Opposite of Breed, Best of Variety and Opposite Variety, Best Overall Display, Best Overall Fur, & 1st place class placements for all ARBA recognized varieties in both Open & Youth. It is suggested that awards or rosettes also be provided for BOV/BOSV in all COD varieties, Best Display (for all ARBA recognized varieties), Best White Fur, Best Colored Fur, & Best of the Rest. Rosettes or flat ribbons are recommended for 2-5th place class placements in all ARBA recognized varieties. A nice rosette should be awarded to the recipient of the Statler Award in addition to the traveling plaque. Awards or rosettes for BOV/BOSV in non-COD varieties are up to the discretion of the host club.
    4. All profits (or losses) from the show will belong to the host club.


    1. All aspects of arranging and putting on the show are the total responsibility of the host club. The NALRC and its officers will help in any way within reason, if requested. The NALRC will not interfere with any aspect of the running of the show as long as these show rules are followed by the host club. The purpose of these rules is to help ensure that the Lionhead National Show will always be a nice event, and at the same time ensure that the host club will be free to run the show without undue interference.

    2. Bids are to be submitted to the NALRC Secretary prior to October 1 and at least one and half years preceding the show date. A representative of the sponsoring club is to be available to meet with the Executive Board at the ARBA Convention to discuss their bid and to answer any questions.

    3. Incomplete bids and/or bids that do not meet all the requirements set forth by the NALRC National Show Bid Guidelines will be given 15 days to submit a complete/valid bid from the date they are notified that their bid is not valid. If the club does not rectify their bid issues within that time period, the bid will not be considered by the Board for hosting the NALRC National Show.
    4. If no bids are submitted by the October 1st deadline, the President may, with Board approval, attempt to appeal to potential venues and host clubs for a 60 day period. All bids from such appeals must be submitted no later than December 1st for Board consideration. If no bids are submitted after the extended deadline or the submitted bid(s) are rejected by the Board, the Board of Directors will secure a venue for the National Show and form a National Show Committee. In such an event, all expenses and profits/losses from said show would belong to the NALRC.
    5. The Board of Directors of the NALRC will decide by a simple majority vote to accept or reject a bid to host the National Show. If more than one bid is received, the Board of Directors will vote to choose which bid will be awarded the hosting of the National show. In the case of multiple bids, the bid with the most votes will be announced as the winning bid. If no one bid gets a majority of the votes, or in the case of a tie, the President will determine the winning bid.
    6. A reply of acceptance or rejection of all bids submitted will be sent by the President to all bidding clubs no later than January 1 of the year following the submission of the bid.
    7. Any changes by the sponsoring club in the show from the original bid must be approved by the officers of the NALRC prior to the change being made.
    8. Once a bid has been awarded, the host club has the explicit permission from the NALRC and may use the NALRC logo on awards and in promoting the National Show through printed media, social media, and the web. The NALRC logo must be used in its entirety and must fall within the logo use guidelines.

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