Deb Bergs - Blue Eyed White (BEW) - COD dropped in 2017

 We have had Lionheads since very early 2006 when the vet at Canton Trade days gifted our daughter Sarah with a little one-eyed tort Lionhead doe she named Honey Bisquit.  Looking back, Honey was I'm sure a F1 cross with Lord knows what-long eared, rangy and big, but very well loved. The next month, of course, Honey needed a friend, and Pepper joined us--another Lionhead doe, again, probably F1, chinchilla. We lost Honey to Fabreeze poison, and Pepper to a prolapse trying to have a litter-which put us on the search for better stock.  We added Bash River Southern Comfort, who was an incredible doe who built our herd.  Our search took us to OH to Lionhead Nationals, where we met and learned from the top breeders from all over the nation.  Becky Armstrong, Mossypossum, Gave me the best advice I have ever been given in this hobby. She told me to get a picture in my head of my ideal Lionhead, and breed towards that. That's what I have done. 2013 saw us reach our goal with National BOB Youth with our home bred doe Beary Sweet Snapple. While we were breeding and showing Lionheads, we were also breeding Mini Rex, but Sarah never really had a bond with them, and wanted to work in Polish.  She soon specialized in BEW polish, ranking #1 in the nation in BEW for the last 5 years straight that she showed.  When she left for college, she sold out her Polish herd, which gave mom the cage space for her own BEW project. I had been working on creating a vienna line using my best "normal" Lionheads crossed onto BEW's to create my seed stock while I waited for the cage space to become open.  My goal is to create a BEW who is not just a white rabbit with blue eyes, but a great example of a Lionhead, competitive on the tables with the other colors, who just happens to be BEW.  I have in the past brought in Holland blood to give me a wider body with good thick bone, again working towards my vision of an ideal.  Our goal is to have examples at Nationals in OH in 2015 for the members to look over.