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A little about the NALRC...
We are proud to be the Official ARBA Chartered National Breed club for the Lionhead rabbit--the 48th ARBA recognized breed! This club was organized so that all people interested in every aspect of the Lionhead rabbit could come together to share information regarding the breeding, keeping and showing of this wonderful breed. The NALRC offers an annual National show, a comprehensive full-color guidebook about the Lionhead rabbit, and a wonderful quarterly club newsletter called "The Mane Musings" that is full of useful information pertaining to all things Lionhead. We also offer an annual Sweepstakes to recognize those whose efforts in showing Lionheads are outstanding. We welcome everyone from the casual observer to the hardcore enthusiast. 

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Benefits of Membership

  • A copy of the Official Guide Book (Revised 2014)
  • A subscription to the quarterly club news magazine, "The Mane Musings"
  • Member's Only Facebook page
  • Breeder Listing on upon request
  • Exciting Sweepstakes contest including Herdsman of the Year and Lionhead of the Year
  • Membership card

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