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    2006 NALRC Specialty Show Columbus OH

    Eric Bengston judging the Tortoise classes while
    Todd Naragon works on the Black classes on table over

    Best In Show winner
    Prideland's Aruba, with her
    proud co-owners - Theresa Mueller
    & Cheryl Rafoth
    along with the
    Todd Naragon who awarded her BOB
    and Eric Bengston who selected her
    as Best Tortoise.

    Best of Opposite Sex to Breed
    was KP's Cracker Jack, along with
    Kadie Foss (co-owner Jason Foss
    was not able to make the show) and Rusty Westhoff who awarded him
    Best Chestnut and Todd Naragon
    who selected him BOS.

    Watching the show.
    Theresa Mueller, Arden Wetzel (writing)
    Gail Gibbons and Adam Krohn

    Two exhibitors watch the show.
    Harrison Storm & Dan Young.

    Lead for the runners for Josh's table - (David Tjerks) know to his friends as "Fat Boy"
    meets with President Gail Gibbons,
    and Show Super Ethan Urfer before the
    show starts. They are joined by ______________________ who worked
    hard all day carrying Lionheads.

    Josh Humphries waits while table ramrod Anita Landry
    and writer Sarrah Gibbons check paperwork to tattoos
    on Lionheads carried up by _____________________
    as they get his next class ready.

    Part of the team that worked on Todd Naragon's table
    all day. Writer Anita White and Doug Urfer was the
    who lead on the team for that table to carry rabbits.

    Todd Naragon worked all day judging the Black classes.

    Eric Bengston judged the large Tort entry all day.
    Here Adam Krohn, Gail Gibbons, Jeremy Armstrong
    and Kadie Foss watch intently.

    Even the people who helped with the show often took a few minutes to watch. Here Jeremy Armstrong, Dana Smith & __________________ take a well deserved break. Arden Wetzel who wrote for Eric Bengston at the Tort table all day also watches as Eric ponders the class.

    The people who carried the Lionheads up to the show tables were very important to the efficient running of the show. Here are runners - Dana Smith, Jeremy Armstrong, Adam Krohn,
    & Denisea Crossan.

    Becky Armstrongand Jennifer Laganiere carried up the REWs and Chestnuts.

    Sarrah Gibbons wrote all
    day for Josh Humphries
    and helped organize the paperwork before the show.

    Rusty Westhoff
    stepped in to be our
    4th judge when entries reached 600 plus.

    Todd Naragon was selected
    by ballots of the exhibitors
    to select Best In Show. He
    is looking at the Junior buck that won Best Opposite Sex
    to Breed in this photo.

    Theresa Mueller and our Show Superintendent Ethan Urfer having
    a good time.

    On Friday Karen & Hannah Urfer apporach the tables that they
    transform into the club booth.

    Karen Urfer served as Booth/Raffle Chair and did a wonderful job.
    The raffles raised over $200.00 for the club. She was ably assisted by
    Hannah Urfer shown here with her mom and a section of the raffle prizes.

    Gina Fisher served as auctioneer (taking a sip of liquid) for the club's Live Auction. Ethan Urfer spent a lot of time holding Lionheads over his head so everyone could see. Gail Gibbons (behind Ethan) provided pedigree information. Arden Wetzel, Dawn Guth and ________________ watch.

    MossyPossum Burdette REW junior doe brought a record breaking $750 on the live auction!
    donated by Jeremy & Becky Armstrong.

    Watching the Live Auction.
    Front row: Crystal Leedy (dark hoody), Debbie Cournty (green jacket) ,
    ____________________ (blue tee) Amy Whitmore (yellow sweater), Becky Armstrong (green tee), _______________________ (blue shirt)
    Judi Amon (red shirt) ________________________(black top)
    Back row:________________________ (plaid shirt), Jeremy Armstrong (behind Becky)


    Eric Bengston awarded
    The Jo Statler Breeders Class
    to KP's Aphrodite owned by
    Kadie & Jason Foss
    Shown here with the 4 rabbits who represented their dam so well !!

    Eric Bengston awarding
    The JO Statler Award to Kadie Foss at the banquet on Saturday night.

    KP's Aphrodite
    winner of
    The JO Statler Breeders Class
    for 2006.

    Allison Smith won Best Display Youth. She was also Best Display Fawn shown receiving her award form Gail Gibbons, President
    at the banquet.

    Josh Humphries and Rusty Westhoff had
    the privilege of judging the first Lionhead Showmanship class. Shown here with winners. Stephanie Fisher won in the Open Class.
    Jade Chambers won in the Novice Class.
    Victor Brooks also showed and did very well.

    Hannah Urfer another youth who a Best Display, this time for Orange, receives her award from Sarrah Gibbons, awards chair.
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