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    2007 National Specialty Show

    Todd Naragon judging the Jo Statler Breeder's Class which was made up of 18 entries of four Lionheads in each set and covered all four of our show tables

    Best in Show (open)
    was won by Dawn Guth with her Tortoise
    Senior doe. This doe was also
    Best Senior in Show for open.

    Best Opposite Sex to Breed
    was the Black Senior buck also owned by Dawn Guth.

    The Jo Statler Breeders Class
    was won by Pridelands Kokomo a Tortoise doe owned by Theresa Muller

    Best In Show winner YOUTH
    Cimmaron Pewter Doll, with her
    very proud owner - Abigail Gibbons
    along with Rusty Westhof who
    awarded them Best in Show
    after Josh Humphries selected her
    as Best Siamses Sable.

    Best of Opposite Sex to Breed
    in YOUTH was won by Katelyn Harmon
    and her Sable Point junior buck.
    Shown here with Best in Show judge
    Rusty Westhof. They won the Sable
    Point vareity under judge Tonna Thomas.

    Abby Skinner and her
    Blue junior doe were
    Best Junior in the
    YOUTH show.

    Josh Humphries judged all of the Blacks and the
    Siamese Sables
    as well as the Torts in youth.
    Here he is looking at a Black junior while
    Debbie Courtney
    looks on.

    Jennifer Laganier helps weigh the top animals in a class while remark taker, Sarrah Gibbons, listens to the judges comments and records them so the owner will know how their Lionhead did.

    Part of the team that worked on Todd Naragon's table was Theresa Muller and Cheryl Rafoth, show here helping orgainize a REW class.

    Todd Naragon judged te REW classes
    and the huge Jo Statler Breeders Class.
    Here Chreyl Raforth watches as he
    works on judging a class.



    The crew that worked with Tonna Thomas bring up Lionheads. Here Carolyn Charville, who was the table
    ramrod makes sure all the LIonheads for the class have
    been brought up. Carrying are Abby Skinner and _______________, while Kee foreign exchange student
    from Thailand staying with the Courteny family watches.

    Tonna Thomas judged the Chestnuts, Fawns, and Sable Points, in both open
    and youth. Here she is looking at eye
    colors on a junior Chestnut Agouti.

    Tonna Thomas
    looking over a
    class of Sable Points.
    Rusty Westhof

    Rusty Westhof
    judged the huge entry of 142 Open Torts.

    In addition to the Tort Open classes Rusty judged the
    Best In Show, for both Open and Youth. He is shown
    looking a Tort during the
    Youth Best in show judging.

    Part of the crew that brought the Lionheads up to the show tables
    and returned them to thier coops
    when they were done.

    The winner of the Showmanship 10 years and older, novice divsion (which was for youth who have never wond a showmanship ship class before). Shown here with both Josh Humphries and Rusty Westhof who team judged the event

    Abigail Gibbons won the Showmanship 10 years and under class.

    Katelyn Lagainer tried her hand at Showmanship winning a blue ribbon and lots of smiles from the judges.

    Rusty Westhoff watching Abigail Gibbons turn over
    her bunny in the 10 and under class.
    Michael and Katelyn Lagainier

    Josh Humphries asks question of
    Sarah Bergs and ______________ in the Novice Showmanship 10 and over class.

    The Rabbits waiting for the auction to begin.

    This little Siamese doe donated by Dawn Guth
    and purchased by Louann Coates for $1,150.00.
    Thank you to both Dawn and Louann!!

    Ethan Urfer helped with auction
    lifting each Lionhead up so the crowd
    could see them better.
    Here he has a REW buck
    offered by the Armstrongs.

    A nice Blue buck donated
    by Carolyn Charveille.

    Ethan Urfer holds up Kirin's Absolute. Our President
    Gail Gibbons looked over pedigrees and opened the
    bidding. Live Auction Chair Becky Armstrong made sure
    everything ran smoothly.

    Gail Gibbons
    tells the crowd about a nice
    Siamese doe donated
    by Kendell Buck.

    Katie Foss shares high points on the Chestnut buck she donated.

    A nice tort buck donated by
    Sara Berks.
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