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    Indianapolis, IN


    The Lionhead Breed was cooped
    was in the "Exhibition Breeds" area on one end of the showroom.

    We shared the area not only with
    the other exhibition breeds and new colors but also with the ARBA Youth Scholarship Auction and the ARBA Research and Development Event
    so we had a great number of people
    who looked at the Lionheads.


    A number of club members helped with the care of the
    Lionheads entered in the show whose owners were not
    present all week. Here Becky Armstrong is busy
    checking on the REWs.

    Marilyn Kohler spent hours in the Lionhead
    coop area watching over the entries.

    New Lionhead breeders Clark Rein and Jeremy Armstrong also helped in the Lionhead area and carried for the the
    show on Wednesday night.

    Cleaning and feeding were
    daily tasks. Dawn Guth spent hours in the cooping area as well helping out.

    The Lionhead cooping wrapped around one end of
    the cages since we had so many entries.
    Arden Wetzel seceeded
    in getting the first past
    on the Tortoise Variety.

    Shown here with his Senior doe.


    Tex Thomas,
    of the Standards
    Committee, looking
    over the Lionhead

    Arden Wetzel flanked by Theresa Muller (holder of the 4th COD)
    and Gail Gibbons (holder of the 2nd COD) watch as the
    committee looks over the presentation Lionheads.

    A break in the tension as
    COD holders share a happy thought.

    After the Standards Committee reviews
    the rabbits they sit down to talk about
    them. The whole process took well over
    an hour.

    The Committee discussing the "face wool" issue.
    Committee Member Eng-Link is holding a REW
    Lionhead that Tex brought up in an effort to clarify what
    was meant by face wool in our current standard.

    Club members Jim Cummings and ___________ wait
    with everyone else awaiting the verdict.

    After Arden Wetzel was invited to join the Committee
    he spent time explaining what he thought the current
    standard allowed for flank wool.

    Shown here with the senior Black buck.

    Finally the word came that it was time.
    Arden carefully loaded each presentation Lionhead into a carrier.

    In the end with Tortoise passed the champagne came out!

    "To Arden, Lionheads and Torts!"


    Best of Breed
    Junior Chestnut Agouti Buck

    Best Opposite Sex to Breed
    Junior Sable Point Doe

    The judge was Cliff Dick from NM.
    He was assigned to judge a number
    of other exhibition rabbits before
    Lionheads which led to a very late night.

    A number of Lionhead breeders
    stayed to help with the show
    including Dawn Guth.


    Finally close to 10 PM the final
    selection is made. There were 119 Lionheads shown in 7 varieties
    (the only variety not entered was Fawn).

    Best of Breed was won by
    a lovely little junior Chestnut Buck
    owned by Arden Wetzel.

    Best Opposite Sex to Breed
    was a junior Sable Point doe
    owned by Gail Gibbons.

    The NALRC's 2005 Booth was bright and welcoming,
    thanks to the hard work of Lynda Swan, Booth Chair,
    and all of our members who spent time helping out.

    The raffle was wonderful. Thank You, to everyone who
    donated items. It was one of the better raffles in the
    showroom and earned the club over $150.00.

    The Club's coloring contest had many entries and by Tuesday we had colorful Lionheads displayed for all to see. Winner of the
    art box prize was Chad Swan.

    A bowl of candy in the best spirit of
    the season was kept filled by club members all week. Bernadette
    Witschey, club Treasurer could not
    resist a chocolate "pick-me-up".

    Arden Wetzel and Jeremy Armstrong busy
    folding tri-folds and assembling Guidebooks on
    Sunday so we would be ready with information
    for anyone wanting to learn about our wonderful Lionhead Breed.
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