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  • 2006 ARBA Convention Album

    We were off in one end of the building sharing space
    with the ARBA Youth Scholarship Auction and the
    ARBA Research and Development Event. They
    did put the booth in the same general end of the
    building but they were separated
    from us by a curtain wall.

    Sarrah Gibbons (MN) is checking on her rabbits.
    There was a nice open area along the cooping where Lionhead exhibitors
    set up chairs and kept equipment. You could always find good friends
    and great conversation. Here Diane Ricketson (CA) Arden Wetzel (MN)
    Sarrah Gibbons (MN) and Sandy Storrie (CA) visit.

    Waiting for Presentation to start. The Torts are
    in the holding pens and nerves are very high
    while Cheryl Rafoth (WA) Arden Wetzel (MN)
    and Theresa Mueller (WA) watch the breeds
    preceding ours.

    The Standard Committee going over
    the presentation Lionheads.

    each is weighed, measured and examined
    by 9 judges for any faults.

    After the Standards Committee reviews
    the rabbits they sit down to talk about them.

    while we all watch and wait .....
    Jeremy Armstrong (KS) Katelyn
    Harmon (AK) Sarrah Gibbons (MN)

    Jeremy and Katelyn foreground Gail Gibbons (MN)
    Arden Wetzel (MN) Diane Ricketson (CA)

    Theresa Mueller (WA) Arden Wetzel (MN)
    and Cheryl Rafoth (WA) after presentation
    drowning sorrow in bottle of champagne
    served in rabbit coop cups
    (we forgot to arrange for glasses)

    One of the large junior Tort classes waiting for the judge during the Convention Show.

    Best of Breed
    Junior Tortoise doe

    Best Opposite Sex to Breed
    Junior Tortoise Buck

    Rene Godderz (center) judged while
    Theresa Mueller took remarks
    and Katelyn Harmon waited to carry Lionheads
    back to coops

    Convention means
    of judging. Judge Rene Godderz had her trusted ruler and took
    time to measure face wool
    (can not exceed 1 inch).

    A team of people helped.
    Here Gail Gibbons
    and Sarrah Gibbons sort paperwork.

    Arden Wetzel kept track of
    all placements on control
    sheets so we could post
    results right away.
    Cheryl Rafoth is taking a
    MUCH deserved moment to
    sit down as she carried many
    of the Lionheads back.

    Sarrah Gibbons, Dawn
    Guth and Katelyn Harmon weighted all the entries.

    Sarrah and Katlyn also brought up the classes so they would be ready for judging.

    Theresa Mueller watches as judge Rene Godderz studies the Best of the Varieties
    as she gets ready to announce Best of Breed.
    Watching Best of Breed judging

    Becky and Jeremy Armstrong
    watch Best of Breed judging
    with Katelyn Harmon

    The selection is made but their friend Gail Gibbons
    has to share the good news! Letting it sink in.

    Becky and Katelyn celebrate!
    But Jeremy seems to be in shock.
    or is he asking himself
    why did I sell that rabbit?

    Cheryl Rafoth & Theresa Mueller with BOS
    Judge Rene Godderz
    Jeremy and Becky Armstrong with BOB

    The NALRC's 2006 Booth our supplies were stuck somewhere else but that did not slow us down.
    Lisa Marie Harmon took everything in stride. The booth was up, complete with our coloring contest,
    raffle and a bowl of Halloween candy guarded by a Lionhead bunny!

    Arden Wetzel (MN) and
    Diane Ricketson (CA).

    Dawn Guth and Arden Wetzel

    Becky and Jeremy
    Armstrong (KS)

    Cheryl Rafoth and Theresa Muller
    came a long way but it was worth it.

    Just ask them!

    Diane Ricketson (CA)
    and Lisa Lopeze (TX).

    Dawn Guth (OH) and her
    BOV winners in REW
    and Siamese Sable

    Sandy Noonan (NY)
    waiting for judging to start.
    Lionhead breeders came from all over the United States and made new friends!
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