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  • 2007 ARBA Convention Results

    we would like to thank John Hurt of California ..........
    who took wonderful photos for the club...........
    to use this year!........

    Best of Breed
    Wetzel's Marilyn, owned and bred by
    Arden Wetzel , MN. Shown with
    Arden and her new owners from Japan
    Takako Ishigane & Yoshihisa Hashimoto

    Best of Opposite Sex to Breed
    Wetzel's Arrow, also owned by
    Arden Wetzel, MN

    Best of Senior
    Cimmaron Destined to Be
    owned by Gail Gibbons, MN

    We were welcomed as we
    arrived at the show site

    The cooping was very light. The Lionheads were near a large door opening from the main doors so a lot of folks traveled through and looked at our beautiful rabbits.

    The Lionheads were cooped so that the cages made a turn around the endcap of the isle.

    One exhibitor set up a grooming table at the end of the Lionhead cooping and others
    set up chairs - all of which everyone used during the week.

    We worked hard to keep the
    Lionhead cooping looking nice.
    Abby Gibbons MN was a big help
    with sweeping.

    Through the front entrance you entered
    a hall that held the breed booths.
    The first door to the right entered
    the cooping/show hall with the Lionhead
    coops right as you entered.

    The club booth was located to the back
    of the breed booth hall but it seemed
    everyone located us just fine.
    Daniel Szafranski PA and Leeann Good IN
    man the booth while Dana Cole CA stops by.

    The raffle was a big hit.
    We made $84.00 this year.
    Booth chairperson Leeann Good did
    a great job. Here she is busy selling
    tickets. Leeann spent hours in the
    booth helping out. Thanks Leeann!!

    The club had two contest/drawings
    for the youth. For each picture they
    colored or quiz they completed they
    received a ticket for a drawing.

    Gabby Armstrong KS won the coloring
    contest prize and was very happy!

    The Lionhead Show was held late on Wednesday
    after all the Presentations were completed.

    The show was judged by Ron Riddle with only Tortoise Lionheads accepted for the show.
    BOB and BOS were won by Arden Wetzel, MN.

    The classes were large even with only Torts allowed to show!

    The judge spent a lot of time looking over each
    Lionhead. Here Dana Cole CA, need name, and
    Sandy Wild IL watch by cages and Harrison Strom IN watches over Arden Wetzel's shoulder in the back.

    Starting at the far left back Lynne Schlutz, NE, Dan Young IN, Linda Mingin NJ, Rosemarie Heist NJ, Sandy Wild IL,
    Carla Tracy MI & Judy Riddle visit
    while they watch the judging.
    Ron Riddle judging the Lionhead show.

    The exhibitors watched . . . . .

    Here is Sara Berks MN (behind), Dana Cole CA,
    Gail Gibbons MN, Lee Nevills IL,
    Carla Tracy MI, & Kristen Hartsruck MI

    Many of our members
    helped. Arden Wetzel
    MN, took remarks.

    Sarrah Gibbons MN (above ) and Dan Young IN behind
    her at the show table, made
    sure each class was up and ready.

    Many people helped carry Lionhead up & back
    to the coops. Here Ron hands one to Gail
    Gibbons MN while Lee Nevills IL and
    Sandy Wild IL wait their turn to take one back.

    Lee Nevills IL, Dana Cole CA and Lisa Brown PA
    helping to carry Lionheads back to the coops.

    It was a wonderful time to renew old acquaintances and make
    new friends. It was nice to see new people who didn't make
    the Texas Convention in 2006. Everyone visited and looked at
    each others bunnies having fun till Wednesday.

    Then we all watch and waited as Presentation and
    then the show progressed.

    Dana Cole CA, Sharon Shaw IL, Becky Armstrong KS
    & Gail Gibbons MN

    Darrel Good behind his wife Leeann IN, also in the back row Robyn Butcher MI
    & Carolyn Charville OH. In the front Lisa Brown PA is next to Leeann then Dawn
    Guth OH, Linda Mingin NJ, Sandy Wild IL, Dan Young IN & Sara Berks MN

    Lynne Schultz NE
    But while we waited all week we had FUN!
    we greeted friends . . . . .

    Sandy Wild, IL

    Dana Cole, CA
    and we made new friends . . . . .

    Abby Gibbons and
    Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Japan
    (a new Lionhead owner!)

    we cheered each other on . . . . .


    Dan Young, IN

    Katie Kramer, NM


    Gabby Armstrong, KS

    we talked . . . . .

    Harrison Strom, IN

    we looked . . . . .

    Gail Gibbons, MN

    Some exhibitors set up small
    grooming tables as needed.
    Here Leeann and Darrel Good IN
    are busy grooming.
    and we laughed . . . . .

    Takako Ishigane, Japan
    a new NALRC member and Lionhead owner!

    and had a great time !

    Sara Berks, MN

    Dane Cole, CA & Becky Armstrong, KS
    It seemed everyone had
    a camera!

    Katie Kramer, NM &
    Harrison Strom, IN

    Abby Gibbons, MN
    everyone can thank Abby and
    her camera for most these great
    candid shots of the adults!

    The Presentation Torts waiting to start.

    The Standards Committee looking them over

    Arden watches as they weigh each one.

    The committee talked it over

    the sad faces tell the story
    Presentation had failed.

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