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    2015 National Show

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  • 2015 Best Mane Contest

    Friday Evening, May 1st at 8p.m. Judge: TBA

    1. One entry per exhibitor. Pre enter or enter up until 5 minutes prior to start of judging.


    1. Entry Fee $ 5.

    2. All rabbits entered in this contest must be entered in the National Show and must be a variety with a current COD in order to compete

    3. Open and Youth to be judged separately.

    1. Winner and Runner Up will be selected for both Open and Youth (Rosettes

    2. Judging to occur on Friday, May 2st promptly at 8 pm. starting with Open followed immediately by Youth. All rabbits must be on the tables at the start of judging. NO LATE ARRIVALS!

    3. The contest is to pick the rabbit with the BEST MANE. Manes must be complete and balanced, meeting the integrity of the current Lionhead Working Standard.

    4. All standard breed disqualifications will apply subject to judges interpretation

      MANE - Points 35: The mane is comprised of wool which is strong and full of life with a medium soft texture and an evident crimp. Softer wool on juniors is permissible. Guard hairs may be present, but should not create a coarse feeling to the wool. The mane must be at least 2 inches in length and form a full circle around the head which may extend into a "V" at the back of the neck. The wool of the mane should be dense enough to make the mane full and prominent. The greatest density possible is desired. The mane may form a wool cap across the brow, which should enhance the prominence of the mane. The center of the foreface below the wool cap may have transition wool up to 1" in length. The cheeks extending into the whisker bed may be heavily trimmed. The side trimmings and chest wool may be noticeably longer in length.

    Faults: A mane that lacks density or balance; wool that is too cottony or prone
    to felting on seniors.

    Disqualifications from Competition:
    *Lack of any mane, or a mane that is of such poor quality that it shows open
    areas with no wool.
    *Mane that is less than 2 inches in length.
    *Transition Wool longer than 1 inch on the face below the wool cap

    Note: Only the quality of the wool of the mane is used when judging Lionhead
    wool. The quality of the transition wool, found on the lower sides and rump, is
    never taken into consideration.


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