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  • 2004 NALRC Specialty Show, Columbus OH

    Josh Humphries judged the
    2004 NALRC Specialty Show.

    Josh giving comments on a
    nice Chestnut.

    Arden Wetzel was the show
    writer, taking down the
    judge's comments.

    Judging began right after lunch and continued for over 4 hours.
    Lynda Swan & her daughter, Jessica Swan are watching.

    The Black in the classes that went
    on to win BOS. Bred by Dawn Guth.

    Judging the REW classes while
    a breeders watches

    Sanders Wahley the Show Superintendent and Ethan Ufer making sure the next class is
    ready for judging

    Ethan Ufer, carried many of the
    Lionheads up to the show table.
    Bob Whitman in the background is
    making sure the rabbits match the

    A team of people worked all day
    to take photos of the winners
    for the web site.

    One of the huge junior Tortoise classes.
    exhibitors watching - Terry White,

    Bob Whitman and fellow Texan
    Lindie Madden visit between classes.

    Judging the Exhibition colors.
    Exhibitors watching - Terry White, Anita Holycross,

    Exhibitor watched intently

    Judging a Broken in the
    exhibition classes while an
    exhibitor watches.

    Whaley Sanders and Arden
    Wetzel watch BOB judging.

    Dawn Guth, Victoria and Bob
    Whitman - all wondering
    "who will win BOB?"

    Gail and Sarrah Gibbons also watching intently.

    Best in Show/Best of Breed
    Basset's Moka, Siamese
    Junior Buck bred by Dawn Guth

    Josh visits with Susan Rutherford after the judging is completed.

    Ethan Ufer in the Lionhead
    cooping isle.

    Show Secretary Becky Wahley at
    her "post" in the booth entering the show results.

    Even our footwear was

    The 2004 Lionhead Club Booth

    Julie Kirkke and Ethan Ufer
    checking ear numbers as
    they helped get ready for
    the auction.

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