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  • 2005 NALRC Specialty Show April 30, Columbus OH

    Cimmaron Jennilee
    owned by Gail Gibbons
    Best In Show (Best of Bred)

    Peace Lane's Amon
    owned by Judi Amon
    Best Opposite Sex

    Scott Wiebensohn took his time selecting Bob and BOS

    Cimmaron Jennilee owned by Gail Gibbons (Cimmaron) tool top honors

    Theresa Mueller & Cheryl Rafoth (Pridelands)
    win the Jo Statler Breeder's Award

    Terry White (White Wizzard) won Best Display
    Terry is pictured with Scott Wiebensohn presenting.

    Best Junior was
    a Black Doe Pridelands Mulan

    Best Senior was Cimmaron Jennilee

    Scott is getting ready for the
    Jo Statler Breeders Award

    It took a lot of manpower to put
    on a show of over 300 rabbits.
    Hannah, Karen, & Ethan Urfer
    worked hard making sure all the
    Lionheads got up and back safely

    Club members of every age
    helped out. Chastiy Strate
    worked hard with her Father to
    carry the Lionheads back to
    their cages.

    President Gail Gibbons helped get the classes up to the tables

    Everyone helped
    Clay Schumaker, Valerie Long, and Dawn Guth

    And every one had a good time!
    Gina Fisherand Judi Amon

    Catherine Ross
    hoping she has the
    winning raffle ticket!

    Ethan Utfer has "thank you" gift of flowers for everyone who helped him with the show.

    Bernadette Witschy came all the
    way from Florida and had a wonderful time.

    A proud Judi Amon with her

    Tom Coats paid a record
    breaking $600.00 for Diane Rcketson's Tort doe on the
    Club's Live Auction that followed
    the show.

    The doe - DJ's Maki who
    brought $600.00 on the club Auction
    The 2005 Banquet

    Arriving members join the fun

    JaneHardy, Melissa Hardy, Sarah Hardy (Member) and Steven Henderson

    The serving line

    Lovely placemats made by Dawn Guth, the
    Banquet Chairperson
    , who proved us with
    another excellent event!

    Arden Wetzel (holder of the 1st Certificate of Development) spoke about the Presentation

    Diane Ricketson our Sweepstakes counter was
    also the winner of
    "Most Miles Traveled"
    beating fellow Californian Denise Sousa by 1/2 mile

    Becky Whaley (club secretary& the 2005
    Show Sec.) enjoying the fellowship of the evening

    Scott Wiebensohn one of
    our judges spoke about the nice quality of the Lionheads he judged and the honor it
    was to judge our
    National Show.

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