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  • 2018 JoAnne Statler Memorial Award Guidelines


    This class is a prestigious award given each year at our National Show.  This award is in honor of JoAnne Statler, who is given credit for importing the Lionheads into the United States in 2000.  It is a real honor to win this award for consistency in quality.

    Entry Fee is $8.00

    It is judged on the overall quality of FOUR Lionheads, sired or produced by a single Lionhead buck or doe.


    1) Entries must be included on exhibitor's NALRC entry form.

    2) One Statler entry may be made per person.

    3) The class of four animals is considered a single entry made in the name of the sire or dam nominated.

    4) The entry designates by name a single Lionhead buck or doe.

    5) All animals entered in this class need to be 3 generation pure bred Lionheads.

    6) To be judged on the over all breed quality and consistency of four Lionheads.

    7) The four Lionheads can be either sex, or any age - juniors or seniors.

    8) The four animals can be of any variety that is eligible to compete for BOB or any variety that is of a COD variety on file with ARBA.

    9) All four Lionheads MUST be entered in a regular breed class and be determined to be free of any ARBA general disqualification.   Breed specific DQs, such as a lack of separation, are allowable, although the judge will be advised to take these into consideration when evaluating class placements.   Any animal having been found to have a general disqualification in the regular show will be ineligible to compete in the Statler class.   Substitutions of DQed animals will be allowed as long as the new animal has also been entered in the regular show, is free of any general DQ, and has available a supporting pedigree proving its lineage to the entry.

    10) The four Lionheads do not need to be owned by the person making the entry, BUT permission must be given by the current owner to use an animal in the competition.

    11) A rabbit can only be used to represent one of its parents in a given year.

    12) The dam or sire do not have to be present and are not considered part of the class.

    13) Pedigrees must be supplied at check in for all 4 Lionheads showing same dam or sire.

    14) Exhibitors are in charge of getting their own entries on and off the table for the Statler Class.




    1-31-16 JG

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