Cheryl Rafoth and Theresa Mueller Breed Presentation

Tortoise (Black, Blue, Chocolate, & Lilac), and REW



Chocolate - Successful Presentation into recognized variety status effective 2-1-17



Seal - Successful Presentation into recognized variety status effective 2-1-17



Passed in 2016 by Nita Shannon at Convention in in San Diego, California.



Former COD Holder- Unsuccessful in past Presentation Attempt



Former COD Holder-Unseccessful in past Presentation Attempt



Former COD Holder - Dropped COD: Passed Away 2009



Former COD Holder - Dropped COD 8-27-12



Former COD Holder - Passed 7-27-10



COD Holder -Otter (Black, blue, chocolate, lilac) Sable Martin - dropped 12-31-2012



COD Holder - Red- Dropped 1-29-2013



COD Holder - Blue, Blue Tort, Sable Point - Dropped 10-23-13 Passed away - 2-5-15

Melissa Kelly


COD Holder - Silver Martin (black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac) and Chestnut - Dropped 10-30-13

Keniethea Roy


COD Holder Pointed White (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) - Dropped 8-12-14

Chrissy Schell


On COD with Keniethea Roy

COD Holder Pointed White (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac) - Dropped 8-12-14

Chance Floyd


Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Point, Sable Point, Siamese Sable - dropped 10/2015

Deb Bergs


Blue Eyed White (BEW) - COD dropped in 2017

Historic Events


COD History

COD changes in August, 2014...

Keniethea Roy dropped the variety CODs for Pointed White and Black, effective 8/12/14.

Officer Changes in June, 2014...

Effective 6/30/14, Christine Hutchison resigned as Secretary, which caused President Theresa Mueller to resign as President so that Lee Nevills could step into the role of President early, and appoint Theresa as Secretary for the remainder of the term.

COD changes in May, 2014...

Kevin Friend has been issued a temporary variety COD for Blue Eyed White. He has one year to present his variety to the membership so that it can be voted on.

Accepting ALL sanction requests for February 2014

With the timing of breed recognition and the acceptance by ARBA of our club charter, the Board made the decision to accept ALL breed sanction requests for the month of February, even retroactively.

COD changes in January, 2014...

Chance Floyd advises that the official name of the variety known as Blue Point has been changed to Smoke Pearl Point with the approval of the ARBA Standards Committee to avoid confusion with the Pointed White blue variety.

COD changes in October, 2013...

Marilyn Stevens has informed the Standards Committee that effective 10-23-13, she was dropping her entire Lionhead COD in the varieties of Blue, Blue Tortoise and Sable Point. There are backups for Sable Point and Tortoise was recently approved as a group. Blue has no back-up. Effective 10-30-13, Lydia West has decided to drop her COD, which was for Blue-eyed White, and Melissa Kelly has dropped her COD on Chestnut Agouti and Silver Marten. These varieties had no back-up COD, so their sweepstakes points will only be counted through 11-13-13.


Effective February 1, 2014, Lionheads are officially an ARBA recognized breed in the varieties of REW and Tortoise (all 4 colors) and are eligible to receive ARBA legs of Grand Champion, as well as compete for Best In Show, and be allowed to be ARBA Registered. Until that time, please continue to follow the ARBA rules for exhibiting your Lionheads.

COD Dropped effective 1-29-13!

Lynne Schultz has notified ARBA to drop her COD, which was for Red. Sweepstakes points will be counted through February 12, 2013. Red will still be eligible to be shown at 2013 NALRC Nationals.

COD Dropped effective 12-31-12!

Regina Mayhugh has notified ARBA to drop her COD, which was for Otter (black, blue, chocolate and lilac). Sweepstakes points will be counted through January 13, 2013, but Otters will be eligible to be shown at 2013 NALRC Nationals if someone picks up the COD by January 20.

New Certificates of Development on file!

Keniethea Roy and Kitty Lynch have picked up a COD on the Black variety, making it eligible for exhibition at the 2013 NALRC National show. Chance Floyd also has a Lionhead COD on file with ARBA. Her varieties are: REW, Siamese Sable, Smoke Pearl, Sable Point, and Blue Point. They will be eligible for showing at Nationals, as well! Congratulations on your efforts, ladies!


2012 ARBA Convention Presentation Updates!

The 2012 ARBA Convention and Show is now behind us and we are proud to report that Tortoise and REW sucessfully passed the Standards Committee! Theresa will make her first attempt at 3rd Presentation in Harrisburg, PA in 2013 in Tortoise and REW. If either or both varieties should pass, the ARBA Board would vote on whether to recognized Lionheads as a breed in the ARBA Standard of Perfection.

Unfortunately, we must also report that the Blacks failed presentation due to a small white spot on the lower hip of one of the junior bucks. This is the second consecutive fail for Blacks, so Theresa will not make further presentation attempts with this variety.

2012 ARBA Convention Exhibition Show

The 2012 ARBA Convention Show was held immediately following the Presentation. BOB honors go to PrideLands with a REW Senior Doe, PrideLands Eternity. BOSB honors go to Robert Welty with a Tortoise Junior Buck, Rugged Cross Romanowski. 

Certificate of Development Updates: (Dawn Guth, Lynne Schultz, & Regina Mayhugh)

8-27-12: Dawn Guth would like the membership to know that she has officially dropped her Lionhead COD with the ARBA. 

8-27-12: Lynne Schultz has dropped Chestnut and Orange from her COD to concentrate on her Red project.

9-11-12: Regina Mayhugh has announced that she has dropped Sable Marten from her COD so that she can concentrate on her Otter project.

9-11-12: Nita Roy and Chrissy Schell have submitted paperwork for a Pointed White COD. They do not yet have their official paperwork back yet, but Pointed White will not be lost from the NALRC Sweepstakes program.

***Per the NALRC Sweepstakes Rules, points will no longer be counted for
Orange after September 10th and for Sable Marten after September 25th, 2012.

District 9 Election Results:

The District 9 vote was close and shows how well respected both members are in their district. Carol Fry will be continuing on as the District 9 representative. Thank you to both club members for your willingness to serve the club membership!

NALRC National Show Full of Wonderful Memories!

BOB Open: Anneka & Colt Welty ----- BOB Youth: Jordan & Dalton Danowski
BOSB Open: Lydia West ----- BOSB Youth: Grace Gamber
Statler Memorial Award: Anneka & Colt Welty - Lapiniere Winchester
Longest Mane Open: Marilyn Stevens ------Longest Mane Youth: Kara Dalrymple
Overall Display Open: Anneka & Colt Welty -- Overall Display Youth: Kara Dalrymple

Koelyn Hooper, Joe Horacek, Nita Shannon & Lydia West pull a Back-up COD on the Sable Point Variety:

Congratulations to Koelyn Hooper, Joe Horacek, Nita Shannon, & Lydia West on pulling a back-up COD for the Sable Point variety Lionhead!

Melissa Kelly resigns as NALRC President effective May 22, 2012:

Melissa Kelly, has made the difficult decision to step down from the office of President. Our C&BL's allow for a President Elect to step into office early, so Theresa Mueller will be taking over the position effective immediately. 

Lydia West has announced she has pulled a COD for the Blue Eyed White variety effective 3-1-12:

Lydia West's request to pull a COD on the Blue Eyed White Variety has been accepted by the ARBA Standards Committee. It will be eligible for NALRC Sweepstakes Points immediately. However, because it wasn't a COD color as of January 1, 2012, it will not be eligible to compete at the 2012 National Show.

Dawn Guth has announced that she has dropped Smoke Pearl and Black effective 3-1-12:

"On 03/01/12, I sent a letter to the ARBA Standards Committee Chair indicating that I am dropping Black and Smoke Pearl from the varieties on my Lionhead Certificate of Development.   I have also submitted an article to be printing in the upcoming NALRC’s Mane Musings 2012 Spring Edition which explains the Presentation of Varieties process after the breed is recognized, along with my reasoning for dropping the two varieties. 
Since Smoke Pearl will no longer be an active COD color at the time of Nationals, entries for the variety will be accepted but sweepstakes points will not be awarded nor will the NALRC be accepting donations for the 50/50 Live Auction in the Smoke Pearl variety. 
I would have preferred to announce this formally in the next Mane Musings, however with the NARLC National Exhibition 50/50 Live Auction donations coming in now, I wanted to give everyone a heads up in order to adjust their plans for donations and bidding as early as possible.   My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Dawn Guth"

Melissa Kelly announces NEW COD for Silver Marten & Chestnut:
Melissa Kelly has announced a new COD with Black Silver Marten and Chestnut. Chestnut is already on Lynne Schultz's COD, but Black Silver Marten will be a new variety eligible for 2012 sweepstakes and the 2012 National Show

2011 Lionhead Presentation:
Theresa Mueller's 1st attempt at 2nd Presentation to the ARBA Standards Committee at the ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, IN was unsuccessful in all three varieties. Theresa will make her 2nd attempt at 2nd Presentation in all three varieties in Wichita, KS in 2012. 

2011 ARBA Convention Exhibition Show Results:
2011 ARBA Convention Best of Breed is PrideLands Rabbitry with their Black Tort Sr Doe, "PrideLands Kiayada" and Best Opposite Sex of Breed is Chris Schell with her Pointed White Sr Buck, "Roy's Cha Ching". 

Anita Moore has announced that she has dropped her COD effective 9-2-11.
ARBA has confirmed that Anita Moore has dropped her Lionhead COD due to serious health issues that she continues to struggle with. Included on her COD are: Black, Chestnut, Chocolate Agouti, Chinchilla, & Squirrel. Chestnut and Black are covered on other CODs, but Chocolate Agouti, Chinchilla, & Squirrel are no longer COD colors for the breed and are thus not eligible for sweepstakes points as of September 16th.

Lynne Schultz has announced that she has dropped Blue Point from her COD effective 4-30-11.
Lynne Schultz has announced that she has dropped Blue Point from her COD so she can concentrate on Chestnut, Orange, & Red. Blue Point is no longer eligible to compete for NALRC Sweepstakes points effective 6-15-11.

Joe Horacek and Nita Shannon Announce NEW COD in Seal, Siamese Sable & REW effective 4-4-11.
Joe Horacek and Nita Shannon are the first COD holders in the Lionhead breed under the new 2011 ARBA Standard of Perfection rules which allow up to 5 people to work on a COD with one person being named the "lead sponsor". Joe will be the sponsor, but will work closely with Nita on these three varieties. Siamese Sable and REW are already on prior CODs, so Joe and Nita will serve as back-up CODs on those varieties, but will be the lead presenter of the variety Seal. Seal is now eligible to compete for NALRC Sweepstakes again as of April 4th, 2011.

Theresa Mueller drops Blue Variety from her COD 12-6-11.
Theresa has announced that she has officially dropped the variety BLUE from her COD so that she can concentrate on the 3 varieties that she successfully passed at the 2010 ARBA Convention. This variety is also included on Marilyn Stevens COD, so it is still a color eligible to compete in the NALRC Sweepstakes.

Lee Nevills drops Opal, Lilac, & Seal from her COD effective 12-4-11.
Lee has announced that she has officially dropped the varieties of Opal, Lilac, & Seal from her COD. She makes this decision with much forethought on how she will proceed with her program once the breed is passed. She didn't want to lead anyone on that she would proceed with her other varieties once she had to chose just two. By chosing to focus on her Tort and Chocolate-Tort she can begin the process of consolidating her herd and preparing for her variety presentations. These three varieties are no longer eligible for NALRC Sweeptakes beginning 12-18-10 and will not be eligible to show in the 2011 NALRC National Show.

Theresa Mueller PASSES 1st Presentation in three varieties at the 2010 ARBA Convention in Minneapolis, MN.
We are one step closer to ARBA breed recognition! Theresa's working standard is now the official ARBA working standard for the Lionhead rabbit in Black, REW, & Tort-Black as published in the Domestic Rabbits magazine in February 2011.

We are sad to report that Kim Croak tragically passed away as the result of a one-car accident on 7-27-10. Due to her untimely passing, her COD is no longer valid, which means Blue-eyd White, SIlver Marten (black, blue, choc & lilac) and Tortoise - Lilac are no longer COD colors. Sweepstakes points will be counted on these varieties through 8-7-10.

Marilyn Stevens has been issued a COD in the varieties of Blue, Blue Tort and Sable Point effective 6-22-10 -
Marilyn Stevens has announced that she's been awarded a COD by the ARBA to help develop the varieties of Blue, Blue Tort, and Sable Point. Her variety descriptions vary from those used on previously held CODs, so please read the current standard for those colors. These three varieties are again eligible for NALRC Sweepstakes points beginning 6-22-10


Lynn Schultz has dropped Sable Point and Blue Tort from her COD effective 5-10-10.
These varieties are no longer eligible for NALRC sweepstakes points effective 5-24-10.


Theresa Mueller is now the current breed presenter. Theresa is now eligible to present the breed at the 2010 ARBA Convention in Minneapolis, MN. Read her comments here. Good luck in your endeavor, Theresa! We reflect on and give many thanks to the efforts of past presenters Arden Wetzel and Gail Gibbons.


2009 ARBA Convention Lionhead Exhibition...111 shown, judged by Dr. Carol Green, CA. Best of Breed went to a black jr buck owned by Joe Horacek, and BOS was a black tort jr doe owned by Theresa Mueller. More results can be found here.


Lionhead breed failed in all varieties at 2009 ARBA Convention, San Diego: Gail Gibbons' 1st attempt at 2nd presentation in the Variety of Siamese Sable, and her 2nd attempt at 1st presentation in the Varieties of REW, Sable Point and Black Tortoise were failed by the ARBA Standards Committee.