What our youth are up to



 My name is Harmony and I am a youth lionhead breeder out of Carrollton, Ohio. I started in 2017 but just started showing in more than 4h last year.  I am involved in 4h and help a lot of kids local to me. I work with tort, blue, and rew. Hopefully expanding to black soon.  




Kendall has been showing and breeding Lionheads for almost two years. Her rabbitry is Fuzzy Fufu Farm, located in Mukilteo, WA. She is breeding torts and chocolates right now but she is also interested in shaded.



Ella And Judge Eric Stewart



 Olivia started with Lionheads in January of 2019, so she has really only been at it for one year. She has been purchasing the best stock she can and is starting to get some really nice rabbits from her breeding program. She has shown rabbits in 4H for a few years, but last year branched into ARBA shows, started a Lionhead breeding program, and has joined numerous rabbit clubs including NALRC, ARBA, MLRC, AND SDRBA. Being new to the Lionhead world, we have found other breeders to be very welcoming and helpful as she learns the ropes. We are located in Southeast South Dakota and can be followed on our Facebook page, Royal Stewart Rabbitry, or contacted at jmwarner1@msn.com



 My name is Jack and I am ten years old. I have been breeding and showing Lionheads since 2017.Last year was a great year for me! I won my first Best in Show with my homegrown rabbit a little jr buck named Peter Pan. It was so cool because my grandfather and my mentor Sarah Buckley was there to see it. I am focusing on breeding REW’s and Siamese Sables. One thing that I love about showing Lionheads is all the people I have met. I have some amazing mentors who have really helped me along the way. My rabbitry is called Jack Rabbits Rabbitry. 




Hi my name is Taylor and I started my interest in lionheads a few years ago. I started breeding in 2018 and honestly had no idea about colors or the standard of lionheads. In 2019, I got a Facebook account and became friends with some wonderful lionhead breeders. As the year went on, I learned more and more about the standard, purchased better stock, and attended my first show in September. I'm looking forward to what is to come in the barn and can't wait to go to more shows! I'm currently working on Torts, REWs, and might work on shaded this year too.



 Hi, my name is Alexa. I started to raise Lionheads June of 2018.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this breed. My first Lionhead is the reason why I started to raise and show this amazing breed. I came across raising rabbits, and then I started to do more and more research, and that is when I knew I wanted to get into improving this breed. I have been slowly improving my herd, over the past year. It takes a lot of work and effort, but in the end all is worth it.   Picture is of one of my home bred Black Does.  



 My name is Reagan and my rabbitry name is Royal Mane Rabbitry. I am located in Roanoke, IN. I have been showing and breeding Lionheads for 3 years. I love all varieties but my favorite is Siamese Sable.  

Parker and Preston


Hi!  Our names are Parker and Preston.  Our rabbitry name is BecCa's Bunnies Rabbitry.  We have been showing Lionheads for 6 years now.  We enjoy breeding and showing them.  We love watching the babies grow!  We also love going to the rabbit shows to be with all our bunny friends and also meeting new people.